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I've been looking for a good Undertale roleplay!. I hope I'll be able to find an interested partner! 

So I have some rules. Just some does and don'ts that I go by always. Please please please, read over the rules. I want you to understand what I'm looking for when asking for a roleplay partner. 

What I am Comfortable with:

Paragraph style 
Good Grammar
Sexual Content (Don't make the whole roleplay based around this)

So, with fetishes, I tend to be fairly strict with them. I do have a fetish myself. I'm not going to lie. Please, ask me before hand. Do not think that I am comfy with everything. If we BOTH ACCEPT and have ZERO problems with BOTH fetishes being included in the roleplay, then we may include them.

What I am not comfortable with:

Belly Stuffing
Foot Fetishes
Mind control
Extremely descriptive gore
A whole smutty roleplay
Controlling OCs
One Liners
Text talk
Poor Grammar
A ton of spelling mistakes

So those are just the basics. I tend to do romances in my roleplays. One thing is though, that when it comes to romance in roleplays, I want everything to be fair. So, if that means you are a female, and you want a heterosexual roleplay, BOTH of us should be playing male characters, AS WELL as females characters.


Things like that do not suit well with me. I want it to be a fair, enjoyable roleplay for the both of us. So there is that.


Sorry if I sound a bit mean in this one, but this is true. I can not stand one liners or script. There is no way I will accept such. I tend to type at least one paragraph. Sometimes I tend to type 8 or even more lines. But just please, try to type 8 and sometimes a little more than that. I've been in the mood to type more as well, so please be descriptive too!

I also do double roleplays. Which means that if we're playing more than one character, I tend to do this in ONE note. And I keep the line length the same in each of them to be fair.

Bob walked down the empty alleyway,his mind going blank. Something had been bothering the night before,
and now, it was coming back to haunt him. Was this the way it was going to be for now on? Tortured by his 
own mind? His breath came out in hot steam, as it was visible by the cold night air. Shaking his head from 
side to side, he turned his back to the brick wall and leaned on it.

This was enough. She refused to listen to him anymore. Her ears rang, his voice going in and out of them. 
Alli let out one of the loudest screams she ever had, making the whole room go quiet. Now she had they're
attention. "Listen, and listen closely! If we continue to keep this up, none of us will be able to reach the surface.
We'll be stuck down here forever. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of seeing this whole place burn. 

Obviously I would type more, but it's just a sample. Nothing special. So this would be all on one note. 

I tend to only roleplay by notes. Skype may be an option, but I have a right to say no. I may do e-mail, but no text messages, or KiK. DeviantART notes or my e-mail is the only way I roleplay by.

I will accept some Undertale AU's, but to be honest, the only ones I understand are Underswap and Underfell. And possibly Underlust, but lets not get into that one. XD

Alright! Now with that out of the way, here is what I'm searching for this roleplay!

I really do like love interests! So, if you have one, I'd be willing to play them! I am capable of playing as anyone, like:
Possibly Underfell Sans and/or Papyrus
Underswap Sans/Papyrus (I may not be too good at that Sans XD) 
And possibly anyone else.

I would be looking for someone to play as Gaster for me! I do have an OC, and I do plan to use her! The only thing is, it's so hard to explain sometimes what her connection to Gaster is. I guess you could say an adoptive father? Or just a master.
Now if you have no problem with a possible incest, then uh,..let me know ^^;

It could just be a warm and fluffy love between a father and an adopted monster!
I can send you a picture, and her bio, but I warn you, it keeps changing. ^^;

If you are interested in roleplaying, please contact me via comments or notes! Would love to hear from you!


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